Thursday, 22 March 2012

This Weeks Best Buy

The Kindle
This amazing product has brought the book straight into the 21st century with its sleek design and simple to use set up. You will no longer need a library and you will no longer have to choose just one or two books to take on your journey because with this outstanding gadget you can any published book you want right at your fingertips. A few clicks and you can be relaxed and reading the latest release of your favourite author or even keeping your children entertained with their favourite story book.

Not only this, you can forget about trying to find a comfortable position to hold the book and keep the pages apart. With this superb piece of technology, you can sit, lie stand anyway anywhere any time and still be able to read easily.

I would highly recommend a purchase of this product especially if there's nothing you enjoy more than getting lost in your imagination at the hands of the world's greatest authors. Amazing product, excellent value for money!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Million Dollar Homepage

Success Story of the Decade!

In 2006, a university student in the UK set up a website selling pixels. The reason for this was that he was looking to make a little extra cash to help him fund his living costs whilst living on campus. As one pixel is too small to see, he decided to sell them in blocks of 10 x 10 for $1 each which means for each block he sold he wound generate $100 gross profit. When a company bought a block, the pixels would show the company logo which linked to the company website. 

The first sale was made just three days after the website was set up to a music company on the web. After two weeks, 4,700 pixels had been sold and after generating his first $1,000 worth of revenue, the BBC heard about the site and it suddenly became a global phenomenon. The creator designed the site to hold a block of pixel measuring 1,000 x 1,000 so that once all of the pixels had been sold, he would have earned $1,000,000. Ambitious, I know. Over time more and more pixels were sold and within just a few months, there were just 1,000 pixels left. The creator decided the most fair way to sell these pixels was on E-bay, in my opinion I think he knew he would generate more revenue that way. Many bids were made, even as high as $170,000, but these bids were not legitimate as the people were not serious. The eventual bid winner was of a value of $38,100 which meant that the total gross income from the site was $1,037,100. The name of the creator? Alex Tew. 

Many of the pixel purchasers were well known companies including Wal-Mart, The Times, Tenacious D and Orange. 

The moral of this success story? - making serious money online can be done, just be ambitious, aim high and put in the work.